Why Dermal Injections for Men is Different

Why Dermal Injections for Men is Different

While the rise of noninvasive cosmetic treatments has dramatically increased men’s interest in dermal fillers since the 90’s, a lot of men are still concerned with the possible ‘feminization’ of their features.

Dermal Fillers for men are specifically tailored to provide the prominence and definition of the masculine structure. The goal is to look ageless with defined, chiseled characteristics.

Biology lays the foundation for the difference between a man and woman’s physique. This causes an obvious distinction in the way aging manifests in men and women’s bodies.

This is the reason why the cosmetic treatments of men and women are not the same, because their treatments cater to different purposes.

Dermal Fillers for Men

The aim of dermal filler injections for men is to maintain the defined, muscular features that can be attributed to the physical characteristics of men in their prime. This involves reinforcing the man’s prominent facial features, enhancing, and lifting facial contours, and eliminating warning signs of aging such as volume loss and droopy skin.

A major source of concern for a lot of men is the possible feminization of their appearance. While majority of patients who opt for cosmetic treatments are women, a lot of men have been looking to dermal filler injections due to effective, subtle results from the latest innovations in the field.

This is why it is extremely important to choose a licensed healthcare provider who has a rich experience in the specifics of dermal fillers for men. Every treatment must be tailored to the natural male structure, and address prominent signs of aging such as volume loss in the mid-to-lower area of the face, deep forehead creases, UV exposure lines, and jowls around the jawline.

Dermal Fillers: Men vs Women

Biology indicates that men and women have different structures.

Men have thicker skin and larger bones than women. Men’s foreheads are also higher and wider and more prominent than women. Men’s skulls are typically 20% larger than women. They have greater facial muscle mass, subcutaneous tissue, and blood vessel density.

Men’s eyebrows and cheeks have a flatter, angled contour. Whereas women’s eyebrows are more arched and feminine, and their cheeks are rounder and fuller. Men experience more volume loss in their lower lips compared to women who experience it more in their upper lip. Men often go for broad, chiseled, well-defined jawline, while women prefer for delicately plumped cheeks and tight but subtly defined mid-face structure.



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